Silicon Nitride Ceramic Powder

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Powder
Product Description

We bring you high-purity silicon nitride powder. Silicon nitride based ceramics offer outstanding properties. There are high fracture toughness, high wear resistance, and excellent hardness. Also, there is good thermal stability. Our silicon nitride powder is a very effective ceramic material. It has diverse industrial applications. Some final application industries are: automobile, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, mechanical components, bearings, industrial machinery, etc.

Key Characteristics:

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent high-temperature strength
  • Resistance to wear, thermal shock, corrosion etc


  • Purity99.8%
  • Particle Size1-5 Micron
  • CAS12033-89-5
  • Melting Point1900oC / 3452oF
  • Density3.44 G/cm3
  • Crystal Structure Amorph Powder
  • Form powder


  • Automotive
  • Ceramic Material
  • Cost Per Pound

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