High purity Si3N4 powder silicon nitride powder

High purity Si3N4 powder silicon  nitride powder
Product Description

Silicon Nitride powder Features:

1. Silicon nitride powder nanoparticle possesses high purity, narrow range particle size distribution, and larger specific surface area;

2. silicon nitride powder the hardness of this product is about 9 to 9.5, Knoop hardness is about 2200, micro hardness is 32630Mpa, melting point is 1900 °C (under pressure) and thermal conductivity rate is 16.7W / (m · K).

3. Silicon nitride powder high surface activity, low bulk density, UV reflectivity is more than 95% and absorption rate of infrared band is above 97%

4. Silicon nitride powder does not dissolve in water, soluble in hydrofluoric acid;

5. Nano silicon nitride modulus: 28420 ~ 46060Mpa; bending strength: 147MPa; compressive strength: 490MPa (reaction sintering). It is an important structural ceramic materials and a super-hard material.

6. Silicon nitride powder itself possesses lubrication which can be used in lubricants, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation in high temperature. And it can withstand the hot and cold shock. If it is heated to above 1000 °C in the air, and then rapidly cooled and followed by rapidly heated again, it will not fracture.

7. Si3N4 nanoparticles can greatly improve the comprehensive performance of the composite material if added because of the minor dispersed phase formed in the composite material.

8. The properties of high hardness, and low coefficient of sliding friction make nano Si3N4 good material for ceramic composite plating on metal surface. And its features of wear-resistance and solvent resistance can be applied into coating.

9. In addition, the ceramic-forming temperature of silicon nitride ceramic devices is low. Silicon nitride ceramic devices have good dimensional stability and high mechanical strength.

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